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本文摘要:Its either the most exciting technology product of recent years, or the 21st Century equivalent of the Sinclair C5.它也许是近年来最让人激动的科技产品,也有可能是21世纪的Sinclair C5(一种电池电车)。

Its either the most exciting technology product of recent years, or the 21st Century equivalent of the Sinclair C5.它也许是近年来最让人激动的科技产品,也有可能是21世纪的Sinclair C5(一种电池电车)。It promises to reshape our relationship with the online world - or turn us all into cyborgs, invading each others privacy with careless abandon. Say what you like about Google Glass, its certainly proved a talking point.它允诺将重塑人类与网络世界的关系,或者把我们都变为赛博格,由于有心的视而不见而侵害彼此的隐私。说一说你对谷歌眼镜的观点,这毫无疑问是一个辩论的热点。Ive spent the last 24 hours trying out Googles wearable computing device, talking to people who are developing apps for it, and gauging the reaction of onlookers.我在过去的24小时里试用谷歌这一可穿着计算出来装置,与为其设计应用程序的人们聊天,并观测周围旁观者的反应。

The product - which is still a long way from being ready for consumers - has been in the hands of developers for a few weeks now, and many of them have converged on San Francisco for the Google I/O conference.尽管谷歌眼镜距离投放市场还有一段很长的路要回头,但是它现在早已在设计者手上玩了几个星期了。而且他们中的许多人还齐集旧金山,参与谷歌输出/输入大会。When I had a couple of hours to try it out I found that, like any new interface, Glass had some rough edges. The screen looks rather bigger and more useful than Id expected, like a reasonable-sized TV seen across a room. But you need to learn a series of touch commands on the arm of the glasses, and often I found myself stuck halfway down a long series of menus, swiping back and forth and getting nowhere.当我试戴了几个小时后,我找到正如任何其它的新触面,谷歌眼镜也有一些毛边。它的显示屏比我预期得还要大,还要简单,就看起来观赏房间另一侧一部尺寸合理的电视机一样。

但是你必须自学镜架上一系列的触碰指令。我常常不会发现自己被卡在一长串菜单之中,往返重击指令,但却没什么进展。At the moment, there is a limited amount you can do with Glass - its like a smartphone without any apps - and for many of the functions you may be constrained by the quality of the 3G connection on the phone to which it is paired. You may also feel a bit daft walking down the street and shouting to yourself, Do I need an umbrella tomorrow?目前,我们对谷歌眼镜的用于还十分受限。

它就像一部没任何应用程序的智能手机,而且你可能会受到与之给定的3G网络的情况的制约而无法用于部分功能。你可能会实在回头在路上对自己大叫:“我明天必须一把雨伞吗?”有一点可怕。The voice recognition in the device is very smart - and even seems to understand my English accent - but again, once you leave a strong wi-fi connection, everything seems to become a little harder. And what about those privacy worries inherent in a device which can be recording without your subject knowing?该装置的声音识别系统十分灵敏,甚至样子可以解读我的英国口音。但是,一旦你离开了极强的无线网络,所有事情都显得艰难许多。

而且对于那些在无意中载入装置的隐私隐患,我们又该怎么办呢?When I took Glass for a stroll on the beach overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, the elderly dog walkers there were more amused about a strange Brit talking to himself than anxious about their privacy, although the majority felt the whole idea was rather more creepy than cool.当我戴着谷歌眼镜在海滩上漫步,并远眺金门大桥的时候,那里一些遛狗的老人家相比对他们的隐私的忧虑更加感兴趣的,是看一个正在跟自己说出的怪异的英国人,尽管他们中大部分人指出这一点子与其说是“炫酷的”不如说是“可怕的”。Where Googles big idea impresses most is as a camera. Because it captures exactly what you see, you get the kind of pictures you often miss with a camera you have to ready for action. And when it comes to video, the footage is much steadier than what you often see from a shaky camera phone.谷歌眼镜最篮的地方是它也可以被当成一个照相机用于。因为它可以准确地捕捉到你所能看见的一切,还可以取得你在用于普通照相机照片时,按下对焦那一瞬间所错失的照片。

而当它被用于录像机时,倒数镜头将比你在一部摇晃的手机照相机中看见的更为稳定。We began our filming by visiting the worlds most enthusiastic early adopter, the blogger Robert Scoble. Hes certainly mastered the art of Glass photography - as you can see from his picture of us filming him.我们去专访世界上最热情的前期使用者——博客编写人罗伯特·斯考博(Robert Scoble)——以打开我们的摄制之旅。他早已掌控了眼镜摄影的技巧,正如你从他的照片中所看见的我们正在摄制他的情景。Despite his promise never to go a day without the product - or something similar - he has a few words of caution. The price needs to be right, he says, and the product has to be able to do a lot more if it is to appeal to a wide audience.将“每一天都必不可少这个产品”或类似于的豪言壮语放到一旁,他也明确提出了一些忠告。

他说道,产品的价格必需合理;而且如果想更有更加普遍的客户,这一产品要做到的还有很多。By the sound of it, there will soon be plenty more apps. Developers big and small are in San Francisco, showing off their projects. Rajiv Makhijani and two friends who won a Glass hackathon, are now developing a social gaming idea, which sounds to me like Foursquare meets match.com. Bigger players, including Twitter, Facebook and Evernote are also thought to be working on apps.听得一起,在旋即之后将不会有大量的应用程序经常出现。

大大小小的开发商在旧金山争相展出他们的计划。拉吉夫·玛吉詹尼(Rajiv Makhijani)和他两个夺得Glass编程马拉松比赛的朋友正在完备一个社交游戏类的点子,在我真是,这跟Foursquare地理定位网站很相近。而还包括推特,脸谱和印象笔记在内的大的开发商也正在应用程序上下工夫。What strikes me in San Francisco is the sheer fascination and excitement of many people when they see Glass for the first time. It feels to me that we are ready for a new way of interacting with the web.在旧金山给我留给印象深达的是当人们第一次看见谷歌眼镜时所展现出出来的青睐和激动。

我深感我们于是以打算庆贺一种与网络对话的新路径。Google Glass may be clunky, and it certainly isnt going to win any fashion awards. There are serious debates to be had about its legal and social implications. But we may look back 10 years from now, and say this was the moment when wearable computing stepped out of the sci-fi films and into real life.谷歌眼镜可能会带给恶果,而且它也并不时尚。对于谷歌眼镜的合法性以及社会影响,人们将不会进行白热化的辩论。但是以现在为座标原点,回顾过去十年,我们可以说道这是可穿着计算出来装置走进科幻电影转入现实生活的一个最重要时刻。